Independent Artist


We left the UK in the early hours of the morning on Friday 17th November. I knew that I was going to perform in my first solo concert but it was not apparent what a colossal thing this was until we arrived in Manila on the Saturday. When entering the RCBC Plaza I was literally confronted by a 12ft square bill board with me on it! There followed over the next two days some intense rehearsals with the amazing Dominic Ferris and I started to see the reality of things. Dom as I call him is not just a perfectionist when it comes to the piano but his skills in lighting and technician are unbelievable. Every detail is careful considered to produce an outstanding package of a show. 

The show was billed as an UK-RP friendship concert. I met the beautiful and talented Filippino Soprano Regina Saban who had won several national competitions. Do check out her singing Over the Rainbow– I’m certain we will hear a lot more from her soon. We rehearsed Panis Angelicus and The Prayer together and she added a certain magic to my Italian in the Prayer. 

I cannot thank Roberto F De Ocampo enough- aka Mr D. He was right, we certainly put on  a ‘world class performance’ and without his help could not have done so. It was also amazing to have my friend Darcey Redman with me. We met years ago at dancing and have been firm friends ever since. This was her first ever professional performance and she also brought magic to the stage and fun!!!

In my mind the concert went very well. I can always find something to critique but I’m sure you will all make your own minds up. The whole concert will be available on video soon- so please watch this space.