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#16 When Luca met Jonathan Antoine

A week or so ago Luca met with British Tenor Jonathan Antoine ( Of Britain’s Got Talent Fame)
We were not certain how the meeting would go and whether it was even feasible for the two artists to sing together.
Luca had contacted Jonathan way back on Twitter ( now X) for an appraisal on his version of Parla Piu Piano and The Prayer (spoiler sorry!) There followed a lovely organic conversation from what can only be described as ‘surely one of the nicest and most genuine artists in the business’. Jonathan was extremely complimentary over Lucas’ renditions which is high praise indeed from the man that has had over 10m views on this track alone and over 333K subscribers to his YouTube channel.
There followed a face to face meeting. The two happily sang together and also listened intently to each others offerings, both with high admiration and mutual respect.
To say that Luca is lucky is an understatement. Jonathan has offered vocal advice, tips and professional development support as Luca enters into the unknown. To have the support of someone who has walked that journey is unbelievable and we hope that the two kindred artists will continue to develop their professional paths and friendships.
Do check out Jonathan Antoine . His journey has been one of intrigue and there is so much more to come.

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