Independent Artist

#7 Parla Piu Piano Video

Last week I travelled on the 04.22am train to London to film Parla Piu Piano with my fabulous Dance Friend Darcey Redman. We arrived a little bleary eyed at Sicilian Avenue just before 6am. The streets were empty and a good two hours filming took place before London started to come to life. The song made famous or infamous depending upon which way you look is from the Godfather. We wanted to keep the dark undertones of the film without it becoming completely mafia orientated! A single red rose will feature heavily throughout, but it’s meaning can be interpreted by the viewer. At about 11.30am the rain came to visit us. This did not deter filming and a few hours later- after a food stop of course! the job was done. I’m very excited to share this with you soon.

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